Essex Limited

What is Essex Limited?

Launched in 2011 by our financial and business advisers, Essex Limited gives a unique insight into the performance of the Essex business community.

The annual survey analyses the financial performance of the county’s 100 largest independent companies and provides a yardstick against which the county can assess its economic performance and businesses can benchmark themselves against their peers.

How Essex Limited is compiled

Essex Limited is a study of the county’s 100 largest owned and managed companies by turnover that are principally owned, controlled and managed in Essex. The survey excludes companies that are listed or owned by overseas businesses, or by large corporates located outside of the county.

The report is compiled using the most recent publically available financial statements (as at 30 September 2018) and the results are derived from the current and previous year’s financial performance of the 100 constituent members to allow a year on year comparison.

Inevitably there is a time delay between the availability of the data used and the presentation of this report so in some cases the data used relates to periods ending as early as January 2017. This year's report gives a fascinating insight into how Essex has performed during these uncertain times and provides a snapshot of the county’s economy as businesses in Essex respond to the Brexit referendum results and challenges that lie ahead.

Fourteen joined the survey this year having met the turnover threshold of £43.3 million and consequently fourteen companies left Essex Limited.

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