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Denver Trading Limited and Denver Trading AG (In Liquidation)

David Ingram of Grant Thornton UK LLP and Nedim Ailyan of Abbott Fielding Limited were appointed Joint Liquidators of the above companies on 5 and 10 September 2014 respectively.

We have been made aware that a number of investors have been approached by illegitimate parties purporting to work for Grant Thornton in an attempt to illicit money in order to release their assets. We have also been advised of similar instances involving individuals purporting to work for Abbott Fielding Limited.  These parties DO NOT act on behalf of Grant Thornton.

If you have been contacted and have any doubts or concerns, please ensure that you contact our Finsbury Square office on 020 7383 5100, in order to verify any communications you may have had.

We recommend that you do not disclose any personal information and would ask that you advise us immediately if you are contacted in this way.