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How landlords can protect their portfolio

Jessica Patel Jessica Patel

Watch our webinar, where we look at how government measures to support tenants are impacting the financial health of landlords and their contractual relationships with their tenants. We will assess the support you can offer tenants, while protecting your financial position and obligations to shareholders and banks.

The key issues addressed during the webinar:

  • What happens when your tenants approach you for non-payment?
  • How can landlords protect their position and long-term financial health?
  • How to manage obligations to shareholders and banks?
  • What are the options available to landlords and how can you implement them?

We surveyed our audience and found that 37% of landlord respondents said their relationship with their tenant had improved since the crisis with 47% of landlords stating that their relationship with tenants had stayed the same. Separately, 71% said they wouldn't consider non-consensual action to recover debts from tenants. These results mirror our thoughts that maintaining a good relationship with your tenant is key to supporting your long-term financial security.

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