Watch our team from Grant Thornton UK and Grant Thornton China discuss what UK businesses can learn about the ‘new normal’ as Chinese society starts to re-open.

As China’s new normal shows, companies are having to adapt their products and services, operating models, funding and resources to reflect a society where COVID-19 had had a deep impact on everyday life. Against this uncertain backdrop, data has played a key role in enabling China’s economy to emerge from lockdown and begin the long road to recovery.

The Chinese experience show us that reimagining the business – rather than simply restoring it to what it once was – could be what the future holds.

How China weathered the COVID-19 storm, and what the UK can learn


  • Karen Brice (Chair) – Board And Executive Team Effectiveness Work Lead, Grant Thornton UK
  • Jamie Crossman-Smith – Head of Data Assurance Services, Grant Thornton UK
  • Jack Soong – Partner, Grant Thornton China
  • Alex Hunt – Head of Data Analytics, Business Risk Services, Grant Thornton UK