CPD technical update September 2020

On 17 September, our team of experts hosted a live webinar to discuss the latest developments in audit, financial reporting and tax. Watch the full event and register to attend our next live webinar.

In the webinar, our team of technical experts cover what you need to know when entering into new or modified funding arrangements, in particular:

  • debt versus equity considerations
  • measurement challenges
  • initial recognition and modification challenges of debt instruments
  • associated tax consequences.

In the current climate, it's vital that you consider all the financial reporting issues when entering into new or modifying existing financing arrangements, as well as the potential tax consequences. In the video above, our experts walk you through everything you need to be thinking about.

Due to the complex nature of the accounting and tax rules associated with financial instruments, if you are in the process of, or planning on entering complex new financing arrangements or modifying existing arrangements, you should consider the assistance of specialist financial reporting and tax advisors to assist in avoiding any unintended consequences.

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