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Webinar: CPD accounting update

Incorporating the uncertainties arising from Brexit and COVID-19 into your financial reporting forecasts and models.

Watch our webinar, where our technical experts address the uncertainties arising from the COVID-19 pandemic and how they might affect your business. Specifically, we will take you through our framework for incorporating these uncertainties into your forecasts and models.

In this update, our technical experts:

  • share an initial exposure assessment, which will drive the level of detail required in your scenario analysis
  • look at how COVID-19 might impact the measurement of assets and liabilities on your balance sheet
  • discuss the accompanying disclosures required to explain the uncertainties and how you might have addressed them, depending on your reporting date.
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Even in the midst of the uncertainty caused by COVID-19, we cannot forget Brexit. While the Withdrawal Agreement has significantly reduced the Brexit-related short-term uncertainties, you still need to consider the long-term uncertainties post-transition period, during the session we explore what this means.

This recording is from our accredited quarterly CPD accounting update. You can receive an invite to the next update by registering for FD Intelligence.