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COVID-19 real estate valuations and reporting

Watch our webinar, which focuses on the impact of the current environment on valuations across real estate portfolios, assessing the characteristics of how each asset class is impacted and the resulting implications on financial reporting.

When navigating a complex and evolving real estate investment landscape, it is increasingly important to have the right tools and insights to help you manage and resolve issues with banking covenants, financial reporting and negotiating appropriate arrangements to support your business and investments for future recovery.

Our webinar addresses the following areas:

  • Updated RICS guidance around valuations and how different asset classes are affected
  • The impact of current uncertainties on financial statements, additional disclosures and procedures when finalising an audit
  • Review of how banking covenants are impacted by the changes to trading, valuations and audit qualifications
  • Lenders views on current market uncertainties

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How can the real estate sector navigate COVID-19? Watch the webinar
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