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Webinar: Apprenticeships Refreshed

On the 14 July, we held our Apprenticeships Refreshed webinar to explore how our apprenticeships can give your teams the skills they need to succeed in the future. Watch a full recording of the event.

At our recent Apprenticeships Refreshed webinar, we shared guidance and examples on how apprenticeships offer a valuable means for investing in talent development at every level.

Watch the webinar on-demand to develop the skills you need for a more​ agile and resilient workforce.

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The direct funding available covers the development for degrees and professional qualifications around a full-time role. This can be for new hires, early career talent, upskilling programmes for existing employees, and reskilling to support internal mobility and developing cross-specialisations.

Beyond the skills investment, we heard of further financial incentives that are available of up to £6,000, including a 0% Employer National Insurance rate for 16-24 year old career starters and a £3,000 COVID-19 incentive payment for hiring anyone of any age on to an apprenticeship.

We also looked at how the latest Apprenticeship Levy reforms can benefit you, with insights from West Midlands Combined Authority and Co-op discussing the transfer of levy funds within employer networks.

The panel for the event included:

  • Tom Pearce, Manager, Growth Services (Grant Thornton)
  • Anita Ibrahim, Manager, Marketing & Business Development (Grant Thornton)
  • Lee Holloway, Partner, Tax (Grant Thornton)
  • Louise Timperley, Apprenticeship Manager (Co-op)
  • Louise Ward, Apprenticeship Manager (West Midlands Combined Authority)

To find out more about our apprenticeships programme, visit our training hub.