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Vibrant Economy Breakfast Series

What will the next 50 years look like for business and society?

Cranfield School of Management marks its 50th year in 2018. To celebrate we are co-hosting a series of thought leadership breakfasts exploring the issues that will influence the next 50 years of business and society. These events will feature thought leaders from the school as well as our experts, and promise to be insightful and thought provoking.

Coming up next in the series:

  • Unlocking the potential for growth in your people –  18 January 2017
  • Why do organisations need a purpose? – 27 March 2018
  • The leadership illusion closing the gap between leaders' intent and workforce experience - 24 May 2018
  • The ‘Vibrant index’ how place dynamics, infrastructure and demographics influence business success – 21 June 2018

 To find out more, please contact Deanne Prudden.

Thought Leadership Event Insight
Unlocking the potential for growth in your people Read more
Thought Leadership Event Insight What will the future hold for Generation Alpha? Read more

Our purpose in action

Each year we select 100 inspiring leaders based on their commitment to growth, innovation and purpose.

Meet the 2017 Faces of a Vibrant Economy