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Towards a vibrant economy: the role of business

As it prepares to leave the EU, the UK is at a crossroads.

It has great strengths and faces challenges including skills, sustainability, transport and pollution. For the economy to thrive we must address those challenges.

We've set out on a journey to understand how we can help shape a vibrant economy – one in which businesses, cities, people and communities achieve their potential.

The vibrant economy programme so far

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The role of business

What we've found is that no one group can do it alone. Business has an important role to play in shaping a vibrant economy. Here are three key areas business can contribute:

  • The power of common purpose: business can share resources, knowledge and expertise to help solve local and national challenges
  • The future of work:  it can help shape the talent and foster the skills the UK needs to prosper
  • Re-imagining place: business can contribute to the creation of environments that support growth.

Get involved with shaping a vibrant economy

Our journey has just began and we want to build on what we’ve learnt. We are keen to collaborate with those that have the ideas, resources and expertise to help shape the economy we envision.

Send us an email to find out how you, and your business can get involved.

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Our purpose in action

Each year we select 100 inspiring leaders based on their commitment to growth, innovation and purpose.

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