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The view from the South East mid-market

Every two months, we ask business leaders across the country to share their expectations and priorities for the future. We want to track how sentiment is changing in the market and get insight on timely issues: from tax to ESG.

Read the latest views from business leaders in the South East.

What’s changed since August 2021?

  • Business revenue optimism reduces by 13%
  • Profit expectations fall by 16%
  • 25% of leaders said supply chain disruption is the biggest threat to their business growth

120x120-john-ohmahony.pngJohn O’Mahony, a tax partner who heads up Grant Thornton’s Gatwick office, said:

"As the south east effectively acts as the country’s gateway, it means it’s at the front line of the current supply chain problems. The international connections that flow through the region’s airports and ports every day are vital for keeping the country running and making sure that people, goods and services can reach the capital and spread throughout the nation. The supply chain disruption threatens to not only slow down this movement of material but risks exacerbating the inflationary pressures that are raising prices for businesses and causing the economy to slow down.

"Businesses will need to continue to draw on the agility and resilience they have already demonstrated so well over the past 18 months to safeguard their business through the winter and into 2022."


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