We celebrate the fact that each of our people are unique. We’ve been curious and asked our people to open up about themselves. These stories touch on important topics such as caring for loved ones, living with disabilities and long-term conditions, sharing parental responsibility, agile working, mental health, LGBT+ and beyond.

People story "Always moving forward" by Abbi McCormack
Joining as a school leaver was quite daunting at first, especially because all my friends were going to university.
People story "Living as a stranger" by Merajur Chowdhury
My name is Meraj. I was proud to be involved in getting the Grant Thornton Muslim Network started.
People story "How to complete your tax return" by Gillian Forrest
Fifteen years is a long time to be away from the corporate world, but re-joining has been easier than I thought.
People story "Plans change" by Stuart Mackay
I was someone who had a ‘life plan’ – I was going to qualify, get engaged and married and have children.
People story “Diary of a short kid” by Ruhi Agarwal
You may not be able change your physical body but you can change your mental outlook - turning negatives into positives.
People story "The life of Pi" by Edmund Paul
I’ve chosen Life of Pi as my book because it’s a story of struggle, and life can be a struggle.
People story “Finding the right balance” by Fiona Baldwin
I face the same challenges anyone trying to balance work and home face – guilt that I’m not giving enough time to each.
People story “Make it happen” by Vincent Egunlae
I want to become a real model for those who have come from my background, having broken into a ‘closed profession’.
People story "From meetings to nappy changes" by Debbie
While being a mum worried me, it was nice to know I could be a mum and still have a career with agile working.

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