We celebrate the fact that each of our people are unique. We’ve been curious and asked our people to open up about themselves. These stories touch on important topics such as caring for loved ones, living with disabilities and long-term conditions, sharing parental responsibility, agile working, mental health, LGBT+ and beyond.

People story "From meetings to nappy changes" by Debbie
While being a mum worried me, it was nice to know I could be a mum and still have a career with agile working.
People story "The lioness, the witch and the closet" by Michele
I’ve always felt included and supported with my disability and sexuality by my colleagues and the wider business.
People story "Game of Crohn’s" by Grant
I like to think of my life as one big episode of Game of Thrones, but the only enemies are Crohn’s Disease and boredom.
People story "Resilience: it's in the genes!" by Robert
We all have challenges that test our strength, for my family it’s been a genetic illness called Huntington’s Disease.
People story "Unique, quirky, remarkable and autistic" by Lucy
Throughout my life I have been told that I’m not like other people, and not always in a complimentary way.
People story "A Jolley good time" by Becca
It was exciting when I was selected to be the only school leaver in the corporate tax team.
Case story "Perseverance: my journey so far" by Jessica
Coming from a diverse background, I feel I can connect with people from all walks of life.
People story "It’s a marathon, not a sprint" by Sam
Throughout my life I’ve learnt the importance of having strong mental health. I want to continue to push the dialogue.
People story "Daring to succeed" by Izzi
I’m often told I’m a very smiley and happy person. I guess what my smile hides is that I had a very difficult childhood.
People story "You can take the girl out of the Army…" By Caroline
I spent seven years in the British Army as an officer in the Royal Artillery. At age 23, I lead a group of 30 soldiers.
People story "My journey to fulfilment and happiness" by Lauren
I realised in 2018 that I needed to start making some tough decisions about a career path that I was following blindly.
People story "It’s all about the journey, not the destination" by Paul
The first step in my career was a work placement year in New York City, around this time my mother had terminal cancer.
People story "Part-time benefits advisor, full-time dad" by Laurie
I think there’s still a fear or a perception that working part-time means you must hit the pause button on your career.

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