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UK business could leave £72.5 billion untapped growth potential on the table this year. That’s a lot. We set out to discover how to harness this growth potential and overcome growth barriers.

Our research shows that 64% of businesses rely on organic growth as one of their top five growth strategies. But you don’t need to. Our growth health check takes the insight from Planning for growth and delivers a personalised dashboard.

By answering eight short questions we’ll help you uncover:

  • how your business compares against our Growth Generators and all the business leaders who participated in our research 
  • how you compare with your industry peers
  • an analysis of our key findings bringing the results closer to home through a tailored dashboard.

Read our research – Planning for growth

We surveyed 1000 business leaders from all sectors and regions of the UK, ranging from £10 million to £1 billion turnover. Discover more about the characteristics of growing businesses and how to take your next growth step with our research Planning for growth: don’t let uncertainty hold your business back [ 5676 kb ], designed for CEOs of dynamic businesses.

Characteristics of a growth generator  

We found 119 business (12% of our sample) that were growing consistently, despite market uncertainty. This high-growth group shared a mind-set unlike the rest. Find out more about the characteristics of the growth generators, they are:

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