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Re-imagining place: environments which support growth

For our economy to thrive it needs successful local communities which support growth.

We measure the vibrancy of place not just by its prosperity but also by its levels of dynamism and opportunity; inclusion and equality; health, wellbeing and happiness; resilience and sustainability and its sense of community, trust and belonging. Learn more.

Businesses and other organisations need to engage with the local economy to help create those environments.

Read about one progressive organisation’s vision - Towards a vibrant economy: the role of business (PDF) [ 3466 kb ] for our cities.

Financing our infrastructure ambitions

Infrastructure finance was one recurring theme from our conversations. People in Leeds suggested creating a Leeds Bond funded by local investors or even by crowdfunding. It could be used to finance innovative, environmental initiatives including green transport, low emission buses or solar panels. The bond would bring returns for investors at the same time creating a thriving and green city.

Cambridge also saw possibilities. A regional investment fund could provide opportunity to use locally collected tax for social purpose and re-investment across the region to support satellite cities not just Cambridge. Grant Thornton is now involved in discussions into the possibility of as creating a Cambridgeshire Wealth Fund.

What can business do?

Raising local finance allows you to invest in the community and infrastructure needed for your business and people to thrive and to get a financial return for doing so.

There are a number of organisations and vehicles that can help business think through how it either invests or helps others get their ideas off ground.

Vibrant Economy Index - measuring England’s success

We believe a vibrant economy is one that goes beyond financial returns and takes into account the wellbeing of society and everybody’s ability to thrive.  Our Vibrant Economy Index not only considers prosperity, but also dynamism and opportunity; inclusion and equality; health, wellbeing and happiness; resilience and sustainability; and community, trust and belonging. Explore the index

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