Providing you with an overview of current practice and the approach of different tribunals on similar issues.

Expert witnesses: the challenges they face
Expert witnesses are helpful in modern litigation. We spoke with Kings Chambers to explain the challenges of the role.
Spanish ECT awards: how the damages were calculated
We consider how the damages were calculated in the 13 published Energy Charter Treaty awards made against Spain.
Quantum matters – Another loss for Spain
ICSID Arbitral Tribunal ordered the Kingdom of Spain to pay €28.2 million in compensation to Infrared Environmental Infrastructure GP Limited.
Quantum matters – High-profile mining dispute in Guinea
On 4 April 2019, an LCIA Tribunal awarded US$1.25 billion plus interest to Vale S.A. (Vale), a Brazilian mining company, in a claim against BSG Resources
Quantum matters – TCCA versus the State of Pakistan
TCCA versus Pakistan has resulted in a substantial payout to the copper-mining company. We explore the quantum matters.
Quantum matters – Fifth loss for Spain in a solar case
Spain ordered to pay €39 million compensation to solar investors after retroactively changing its feed-in-tariff regime
Article Quantum matters – Eighth loss for Spain in a solar case
Spain to pay €290.6 million in compensation .
Quantum matters – Win for Cessna in aircraft lease dispute
ICC Tribunal ordered a lease guarantor to pay $41.2 million plus interest to Cessna Finance Corporation
Quantum matters – $2.1bn loss for Egyptian companies
Two state-owned Egyptian natural gas companies were ordered to pay $2.1 billion in damages (Quantum matters)