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Planning for growth: uncertainty shouldn't hold you back

Robert Hannah Robert Hannah

Untapped growth potential

In 2018, UK businesses could leave up to £72.5 billion of untapped growth on the table. Companies need to become purpose-driven, invest in top-line growth, tech confident and networked to unlock their growth potential.

We surveyed 1000 business leaders from all sectors and regions of the UK, ranging from £10 million to £1 billion turnover. Designed for CEOs of dynamic businesses, download our research Planning for growth: don’t let uncertainty hold your business back [ 5676 kb ] and discover more about the characteristics of growing businesses and how to take your next growth step.

Businesses can overcome the top barriers

Our growth survey found 41% of business leaders believe uncertainty has made their leadership team more risk averse, which is impacting their growth. But it’s definitely not all about Brexit and uncertainty. Our research indicates the majority of barriers to growth are internal factors, meaning they remain within a business’ own ability to change.

Top barriers and missed growth opportunities

Top barriers and missed growth opportunities

Uncovering a group of high-growth businesses

We identified a group of 119 high-growth businesses who despite uncertainty achieved 20% or more turnover growth in the last year – they are called the Growth Generators. They are purpose-driven, invested in growth, tech confident and networked. And these characteristics set them apart from the rest of the market.

The mindset of a Growth Generator

The mindset of a Growth Generator

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