Overview of vibrancy across South Scotland

Rob Turner Rob Turner

In South Scotland, vibrancy is mixed, both in terms of overall performance as well as across the different components that make up our index. Scottish Borders is the strongest performer, ranking nine out of 32, followed by South Ayrshire which ranks on the national average (16). The remaining areas rank below the national average.

Looking across the different baskets of indicators, there are notable challenges around prosperity, with all areas scoring below the national average. The region fairs better in terms of dynamism and opportunity, with South Ayrshire ranking eight and both Scottish Borders and East Ayrshire ranking around the national average (15 and 19 respectively). 

Map 1 - How South Scotland perform against the Vibrant Economy Index

On the social measures of inclusion and equality and health, wellbeing and happiness, the picture is extremely mixed. This is best illustrated by the fact that while Scottish Borders ranks five and in the top 20% nationally for health, wellbeing and happiness, East Ayrshire is in the bottom 20%. On inclusion and equality, rankings range from nine to 26.

In terms of resilience and sustainability, the strongest performer is East Ayrshire, which ranks ten, and in terms of community trust and belonging, Scottish Borders, which ranks eight. No area in the region ranks in the top 20% nationally on either indicator.

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