Overview of health, wellbeing and happiness in Wales

In our vision of a vibrant economy, people are healthy, active and positive, enabling them to make the most of opportunities.

The health, wellbeing and happiness basket of measures, within our Vibrant Economy Index, takes into account a combination of physical indicators – such as sports participation, life expectancy at birth (male and female combined), diabetes prevalence (%), obesity in adults (%), child obesity in year 6 – as well as mental health measures – such as happiness, anxiety, life satisfaction and life worthwhile responses to surveys. It also considers the number of hours the local population typically works.

The areas in Wales that rank most highly in terms of health, wellbeing and happiness (see map 1) cut diagonally across the country, from Monmouthshire in the south east, through Powys and Gwynedd, to the Isle of Anglesey (the highest ranked area) in the north west. The other area of strong performance is Vale of Glamorgan. 

Map 1 - How areas of Wales perform against the Vibrant Economy Index health, wellbeing and happiness indicators

There are particular challenges in South Wales across the Valleys. Despite the fact that a number of these areas rank highly in terms of prosperity, they perform below average on health, wellbeing and happiness measures. This dichotomy highlights the importance of looking beyond traditional economic measures when considering the success and vibrancy of a place. It also underlines the challenge facing those responsible for place shaping and points to an important role for businesses in thinking through how they can improve employee wellbeing and help employees live healthier, happier lives.

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