Overview of community, trust and belonging in Wales

Vibrant communities have a lively and creative cultural life. They are places that people want to visit.

They are also places where people feel safe and are engaged in society and different community activities. To measure this aspect for our Vibrant Economy Index, this basket draws on a range of indicators including voter turn-out, crime levels, measures of isolation and diversity. It also measures the number of cultural and community assets that exist within a place. From the outset, this basket has been one of the most challenging to measure due to a lack of national statistics on issues such as community engagement, belonging and trust.

In terms of the strongest performers on this basket of measures, the geographical picture is varied (see map 1). Pembrokeshire ranks highest followed by Vale of Glamorgan, Powys, Monmouthshire and Gwynedd. A similar geographical variation is also apparent among the lowest ranked areas, with parts of the north, south and west all ranking below average. 

Map 1 - How areas of Wales perform against the Vibrant Economy Index community, trust and belonging indicators

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