Public sector

NHS companies – An enterprising approach to health

Thinking innovatively is the only way for the NHS to tackle austerity challenges.

NHS trusts face the challenge of developing new sources of income, working in partnership with the commercial sector, and increasing efficiency while maintaining their same quality, values and ethos. Alternative delivery models (ADMs) such as NHS companies are one avenue for achieving this.

There are significant risks and key considerations that come along with the opportunities. Identifying opportunities to be more commercial, understanding the key drivers for change and choosing the right structure are key to successful transitions for NHS trusts.  

We hosted a round table discussion with a number of delegates from the NHS (held under Chatham House rules) with significant experience of NHS companies and developed NHS companies – An enterprising approach to health (PDF) [ 1884 kb ].

Our report presents the insight from the round table including:

  • reasons for setting up an NHS company
  • the different company structures available and corresponding considerations
  • strategies and stories from dealing with uncertainty
  • examples of success.

Download ‘NHS companies – An enterprising approach to health (PDF) [ 1884 kb ]’ to read a range of case studies highlighting successful transitions and some lessons learned.

“In this time of uncertainty, with limited resource and diminishing funds it has never been more important for the NHS to think of new ways to achieve financial stability while still delivering quality services to the country.”

For more information, please contact Mark Stocks.