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New data tool to support the private rented sector

A new analytics platform launches this week that will help drive and support insightful investment and development decision-making in the private rented sector (PRS)

Grant ThorntonUK LLP and arc4, housing data and research specialists, have teamed up to create a powerful analytics platform and advisory service for developers and investors in the private rented sector.

PRS Insights is a comprehensive tool, which is underpinned by current real estate, demographic, socio-economic, financial and environmental data to enable multidimensional analysis of any PRS opportunity. 

The platform enables investors and developers to understand past, current and forecast performance of the sector from national to local postcode level. 

Our tool considers each of these perspectives and users will benefit from insight gathered together under the following headings: 

  • People – who is going to pay the rent and how much will they pay now and in the future?
  • Product – what is the best product to build to achieve maximum rent?
  • Place – where is the best location to build the most profitable scheme?

This information is then fed into a sophisticated financial model which encompasses both a development and investment appraisal to show initial viability and long-term profitability, and helping identify the most appropriate funding package for their scheme.

PRS Insights is a powerful platform with numerous applications. It can help developers and investors understand the viability of specific sites, as well as identify locations and potential sites where there is high PRS demand but little supply, and whether these locations are commercially viable for development.

To find out more about PRS Insights, download the attached guide.