Navigating financial services regulation

Sandy Kumar Sandy Kumar

Our regulatory handbook brings together over 40 regulations providing a simplified, jargon-free overview of each core regulatory component and associated timelines, helping you to navigate the complex regulatory landscape.

The handbook covers financial services regulation relevant to firms operating in the UK, spanning capital markets, banking, asset management and insurance sectors.

Our clients have endured a decade of relentless regulatory reform. Although this phase is far from over, it is safe to say that regulatory change has adopted a less frantic pace. While most post-financial crisis directives have a review clause that expires in the next couple of years, future regulatory change will be focused on current thematic concerns, such as industry digitisation, resilience, disintermediation and the ever-changing needs of customers.

This year, the greatest challenge for financial services firms will be to navigate the uncertainty emanating from the Brexit negotiations. Coping with the profound effects caused by the implementation of a wide range of regulatory initiatives will provide a constant drumbeat in the background. Despite the now typical cost pressures, we advocate the adoption of flexible structures as the best solution to adapt to change while managing risks effectively.

Download the regulatory handbook for an overview and timelines of over 40 regulations important for your business. [ 6781 kb ]