Matrimonial survey 2016 – impacts to family law

Nick Andrews Nick Andrews

Our annual survey highlights the key issues and statistics surrounding divorce in the UK.

Our annual matrimonial survey looks at key issues at the forefront of the minds of family lawyers, including detailed issues surrounding divorce in practice and in principle. This year’s survey canvassed the experience based opinions of 76 of the UK’s leading family lawyers.

Key issues

It is an uncertain time for family law: Could Brexit impact on London’s popularity as a centre for divorce? 

Other areas of interest from our survey are the ongoing and far reaching impact of litigants in person and reported cases which once again involve the concealment or non-disclosure of assets in a financial settlement.

Respondents to the survey were questioned on the three key areas in which they would like to see a change in legislation. In line with previous years, the top answer was the introduction of no fault divorces, on which family lawyers lobbied Parliament last week.

2016 divorce statistics

  • 73% (2015: 61%) stated marriages of 11-20 years were the most common to be ending
  • 40-49 is the most common age of clients for 77% of respondents
  • 25% of respondents stated growing apart or falling out of love as the most common reason cited for marriage breakdown

Other topics covered in the survey this year include:

  • legislative changes in pensions which came into effect from April 2015
  • opinions on whether pre-nuptial agreements should be given statutory force
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