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Empathetic leadership to build trust
In 2021, empathy is emerging as a key leadership trait, offering a route to more productive, innovative business.
Psychological safety: underpinning innovation
Demystifying psychological safety, revealing the practical application behind the complex language surrounding it, is vital if leaders are going to succeed in
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With the opening up of the global labour market thanks to changes in working practices and developments in technology, opportunities to break into new markets
Article Hybrid expenses for a hybrid working world
Expense policy needs to evolve to cater to a remote working world. We look at what you need to keep in mind this year.
Inclusively leading through change
In the post-pandemic landscape, a new model of leadership will be needed to enable organisations to thrive.
Women in business 2021
For 17 years, Grant Thornton has been tracking the global progress of women in senior management.
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Our research shows our clients are preparing for their staff to return to work. Learn about their plans.
Playing field or battlefield: what does the future look like for financial services?
We asked our experts what financial services firms should be focusing on in 2021, having reviewed the IBR research and compared it to the trends they are
The future of leadership: anticipating 2030
The workplace is evolving. The leadership skills that will be needed within the dynamic mid-market, and how organisations can stay competitive is changing.