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Webinar series

Leading your business through the unknown

To help support you through the current situation, we hosted a webinar series so you can get support from us on adapting your strategy to the latest developments.

Leading beyond the COVID-19 lockdown

COVID-19 has offered challenges and opportunities.

Now lockdown is being phased out, how do you restore your business?

Business planning beyond the outbreak

Our webinar on planning for a return to business-as-usual following the lockdown.

Find out how to stay agile and make quick decisions in the middle of this evolving situation

Funding, claims and business viability

Our experts discussed attaining the funding you need to maintain liquidity through the current circumstances, plus potential recovery through claims

How China weathered the COVID-19 storm

Our team from Grant Thornton UK and Grant Thornton China discuss what UK businesses can learn about the ‘new normal’ as Chinese society starts to re-open.

What can UK businesses can learn from China?

Leading your business through the unknown – Technology

The crisis has tested the resilience and agility of organisational IT infrastructure, cyber security and the operating model.

How you can manage your stability and digital risk

Leading your business through the unknown – People

We discussed how to keep your people safe, motivated and able to do their jobs during times of uncertainty.

How you can support your people