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Vishal Chatrath is the founder and CEO of, the artificial intelligence (AI) company boosting the performance of a wide range of organisations, from fund managers to ride-sharing start-ups.

What is your platform? is focused on using AI and machine learning to help leaders and organisations make better decisions. Our platform, VUKU, helps enterprises improve their resource allocation.

What inspired you to launch

My main motivation was to help improve resource management and allocation, because existing tools that rely on technology aren’t up to the task in our more dynamic and connected world. I discovered what machine learning was really capable of at my previous company, VocallQ, which was bought by Apple three years ago. After that, I saw a gap in the market to create a platform that could o er a truly practical use for machine learning.

What is your main challenge?

Brexit has caused a lot of negativity, particularly when it comes to hiring. We’re a high-tech company and we’re only able to be successful if we can hire talent from around the world. The challenge in the last few years has been to convince staff from overseas that the UK is a welcoming place, despite what they hear and read.

How big an impact will Brexit have?

At the moment we have no idea what Brexit really is, so I don’t know how we’re going to react. If I don’t know what the obstacles will look like I can’t plan how to get around them.

What is your key objective for 2019?

To grow into a market-leading provider of AI for business decision-making and to transfer our scientific prowess into commercial success, generating at least $7 million in revenue. We’ll be launching two products in the financial sector, and will go live with three clients in logistics and with one education-based AI platform.

What could improve the UK economy?

We need to smooth out our immigration and bureaucratic processes. University graduates from overseas often have to leave the UK when they finish studying, for example, and it’s a big loss, which taxpayers ultimately pay for. I am an immigrant and I’m proud that I’ve been responsible for creating over 120 jobs in the UK since arriving. We should focus more on what immigration brings in terms of job creation.

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