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Insights into facilities management - Issue 18

The facilities management sector continues to attract overseas interest while homegrown businesses await Brexit and the general election.

Welcome to Issue 18 of Insights into facilities management (FM) (PDF 1071kb) [ 1071 kb ], our quarterly update including analysis of M&A activity in the sector and insights into the changing marketplace.

Seemingly unconcerned by Brexit, international buyers drove deal activity in the FM sector through Q4 2016 and Q1 2017. With EU negotiations drawing closer, the uncertainty around the FM sector’s future access to EU workers increases.

Soft FM sector businesses rely heavily on EU labour and will be significantly affected by any labour restrictions post-Brexit. This has given rise to widespread industry concern and calls for a measured policy on immigration.

Although these market developments are worrying, they also create opportunities for FM businesses. Now is a chance to prioritise scenario planning, take steps to review business models, optimise processes and controls, explore international markets and trade deals as well as capitalise on new domestic prospects.

The FM sector should take advantage of the training opportunities offered by the government’s apprenticeship levy introduced this year. In addition to more traditional apprenticeship programmes, the government’s scheme now encompasses existing employees, providing them with opportunities to upskill as well as supporting graduate programmes

To read the full update please download ‘Insights into facilities management (PDF 1071kb)’. [ 1071 kb ]

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