It’s been 12 months since we closed our offices in response to COVID-19. While this has been a difficult time for the country and for all of us, we list the many things we've achieved during this time that made us proud.

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Dave Dunckley, CEO

“I’m proud that, through the pandemic, we’ve always sought to do what’s right for our people, our clients and our firm. During this time, we’ve seen a 17% increase in employees feeling proud to be a part of Grant Thornton.

"My proudest moment was being able to confirm to our people that we would be able to repay everyone who we asked to temporarily reduce their hours early on in the pandemic.

"Performing well enough to do this merits a mention in itself. But the sentiment to do the right thing had the full support of every single partner and reflected exactly the sort of the firm I want us to be.”

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Malcolm Gomersall, COO

“I’m proud of how our technology enabled us to work so differently with little warning, and how it supported us working together to protect our business through a very uncertain time. As a result of the work we have all contributed to, we are coming out of the pandemic more profitable and with a stronger balance sheet than when we went in.”

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Perry Burton, Head of People and Culture

“I’m proud of the steps we’ve taken to support our people’s wellbeing during lockdown. Through our Boost programme, aimed at improving employees’ mood, motivation and health, we have organised a host of uplifting activities, such as the Walkaround Challenge, which saw us collectively walk more than 250,000 kilometres.”

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Fiona Baldwin, Head of Audit

“I’m proud of our continued commitment to audit quality and challenging our clients, despite the challenges of working remotely.

"We can now see evidence that this is working, based on internal and external reviews of our work and feedback from our people on their ability to deliver high-quality audits.

"I’m also proud that we’ve continued to attract quality talent and promote high-quality auditors internally throughout.”

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Karen Campbell-Williams, Head of Tax

“I’m proud of our resilience during the pandemic. I have heard so many great stories about how we have supported our clients, our colleagues and our communities.

"We’ve been flexible, collaborative and supportive of one another – showcasing what Grant Thornton people are like at our best, even when under pressure!”

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Darren Bear, Head of Deals and Business Consulting

“I’m proud of how great our people are. During unprecedented times, our people have spent a huge amount of time supporting each other while also going the extra mile for the business. It’s really showcased Grant Thornton at our best.”

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Robert Hannah, Head of Large and Complex

“I’m proud of the way our people transitioned to working with clients virtually almost overnight, whilst still maintaining the unique experience that clients value from Grant Thornton.”

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Andrew Howie, Head of International

“I’m proud of how we used technology to connect more than 1,000 trainees from Grant Thornton member firms around the world and provide them will a seamless and fully virtual orientation. The pandemic has made us think differently about how we connect with our international colleagues.”

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Mark Byers, Head of Strategic Relationships

“I’m proud of our continued commitment to diversity and inclusion in our firm, especially the appointment of an inclusion advisory board, which will bring even greater diversity of thought to decision making by the strategic leadership team.”

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Dave Munton, Head of UK Markets and Clients

“I’m proud of how we have adapted to develop and strengthen the relationships we have with our clients.

"Our client pulse surveys have shown us that our clients have genuinely valued our empathy, understanding and desire to collaborate as they navigate beyond COVID-19. As a result, our teams won more business with clients in 2020 than the prior year and, through all of our hard work, we have set ourselves up for success in 2021 and beyond.”

The current circumstances have challenged us, but we're always proud of what happens here. You can find out more about what it's like to work with us by visiting our careers hub.