India Watch

India Watch - Issue 34

Anuj Chande Anuj Chande

Welcome to the Autumn 2016 edition of India Watch, in association with the London Stock Exchange.

Each quarter, we track the performance of all Indian companies listed on the London Markets, while also giving an overview of Indian M&A activity and an analysis of the Indian economy. Read on for the summary highlights or download the issue for the full analysis.

Investor optimism grows for India

For the first time in five years, the Grant Thornton India Watch Index has risen for three consecutive quarters, gaining 38.4% during Q3 2016. The Index has seen positive growth over the past 12 months, as India has become the world's fastest-growing economy.

Big-ticket Indian domestic deals propel M&A levels to a new high

Q3 2016 saw a record 19% year-on-year increase in corporate deal value to US$14.7 billion. Despite a weak deal-making environment globally, Indian corporates continued to seek opportunities to maintain competitiveness and expand their core businesses across India and abroad.

India gets competitive

In the latest World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Index, India’s ranking jumped to 39, reflecting increasing optimism about the economy. We highlight some of the government initiatives playing a key role as the country continues to strive for long-term economic stability.

India and UK face common energy challenges

India and the UK have both set targets of meeting 15% of energy demand through renewable sources by 2020. We explore three key interconnected challenges: increasing investment, achieving and maintaining regulatory stability and integrating new technology, notably storage technology. 

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