HealthTech – an evolution not a revolution

Who are going to be the winners in the technology race to save the healthcare system?

At a roundtable jointly hosted by Grant Thornton and Trowers & Hamlins, a group of healthcare providers and commissioners, investors and entrepreneurs debated who will win the technology race to save the UK healthcare system.

If the overriding objective of government is to achieve better health, better healthcare, at lower cost, then change is inevitable in the UK healthcare system and technology, harnessed effectively is key to that change. This report debates some of the challenges faced; and addresses the cultural and technological evolution required to make this happen.

In this report, we discuss

  • The role of technology in saving the NHS. Technology could play a big part in providing potential solutions to wastage, budget management, logistics and dispensing and drug delivery.
  • The challenges faced by private capital investment in the NHS.
  • The inevitable increase in patient power and the positive effect this could have on the implementation of technology in the NHS. Will personal commissioning drive technological change?
  • How do you persuade doctors and patients that technological innovation is the only way forward for the NHS?
  • "One of the major issues is that 4% of the population by headcount consume 50% of healthcare resources," said Panel Chair, Martin West. How can data led solutions help address the resourcing challenge the NHS faces?
  • Integration and interoperability of technology. Do the current solutions fit the bill, and is there an ongoing role for analogue?

Download the full report to read more and find out who will be the winners in the technology race to save the healthcare system.

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