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Gideon Cohen: bringing sophistication to data

Steve Holt Steve Holt

Welcome to our Investigations podcast series. In this episode, Steve Holt talks to Gideon Cohen about how he balanced the demands of a heavy case load with setting up and launching Solomonic.

In the latest in our podcast series on forensic accounting, I spoke to Gideon, a barrister and co-founder of litigation analytics company, Solomonic, about his lifelong ambition to work in law and his passion for his new project.

During the chat, Gideon explains how micro-level thinking about litigation data sets can break them down so they can be researched in a different way. While Solomonic isn’t intended to replace lawyers, it is designed to give them additional tools to do a better job.

To find out more about forensic accounting, contact Steve Holt.

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