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Finding skills for the workplace of the future

Keely Woodley Keely Woodley

What can young people expect from the future workplace?

The World Economic Forum has identified 10 jobs that didn’t exist 10 years ago including big data analyst and app developer – flexibility will be key1.

We know that the right skills are in short supply: Grant Thornton’s International Business Review research revealed that more businesses in the UK than elsewhere in the EU, Europe and G7 are citing a lack of skilled workers as a constraint on their business.

And last month, the Open University estimated that the UK skills gap – what people can do and what employers want them to do – costs UK businesses more than £2 billion2.

So, looking ahead how can we make sure that people entering the world of work, and the employers that will hire them have the skills they need to grow?

Watch this short video explaining why the question of skills is so important today, what skills will be in demand and the role diversity will play.