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The financial services sector is changing rapidly in all areas; from regulations and risk management, to technology and even culture. If you're looking for comprehensive and concise information and guidance, you can find support by watching our webinar series on Youtube.

To adapt to changes in the financial services sector, look after your people, and thrive at this critical time, it's vital for organisations to understand the complex challenges facing the industry. The current climate might make looking for guidance seem even more difficult, but our virtual seminars explain everything you need to know and the actions you can take.

We'll be adding new webinars to the events already on the page, so remember to revisit whenever you're looking for support on issues in the financial services sector.

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UK regulation post-Brexit

HM Treasury closed its phase-II consultation on the future regulatory framework on 19 February, and will be publishing detailed proposals later in the year. A second more detailed consultation in 2021 will set out specific proposals for how the framework will be delivered, but at the moment it's still unclear what form it will actually take.

During this webinar attendees found out what you can expect the framework to look like and explored some of the issues surrounding regulators’ decision making.

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Investment Trust

This virtual seminar provided our attendees with an overview of some recent and forthcoming issues in financial reporting and tax regulations facing investment companies. This update is of particular interest to senior accountants and other finance professionals working with investment companies, within either fund administration services or fund management companies.

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Cyber, data protection and payments event series

Revisit our webinar series on cyber, data protection and payments, designed to keep your firm safe in the virtual world.


New ways of working and employee effectiveness

The challenges around co-existing with COVID-19 are likely to continue for some time, and remote working is now a firm fixture of our lives. During this virtual event we discussed the workplace culture of financial services and how your business can develop a strategic approach to working locations. We also provided attendees with insights into the tools available to keep track of the well-being and effectiveness of your people.

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Financial crime resilience event series

Financial crime can affect anyone. Our webinar series covers the threats you're facing. 


Learning from the best - Emerging governance trends and practices in financial services

In their recent paper, ‘Improving the quality of comply or explain’, the FRC focused on those policies with which companies regularly fail to comply or come up short when claiming compliance. While helpful, it misses the opportunity to be inspired by what the very best companies are doing. Companies may appear slow to embrace new practices, but improving governance is about evolution, not revolution.

The UK Corporate Governance Code is a distillation of best practice which has evolved over time, and it is surprising that many companies still think of it simply as a compliance exercise rather than a source of great ideas.

Here we share some of the emerging trends and best practices that those leading the way in financial services are wrestling with.

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Insurance Tax Forum

During our first virtual insurance tax forum, exclusively for insurers, the panel shared a wide range of specialist updates on tax for the benefit of those operating in the insurance industry.

The financial services tax team shared updates on Reducing tax costs, Budget and Finance Bill 2021 update and OECD developments: minimum tax charge on profits.

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Operational Taxes Virtual Seminar

During our first operational taxes virtual seminar our financial services tax team shared their insights on withholding tax developments across the EU, HMRC's transparency agenda and developments in the CRS and Qualified Intermediary regimes.

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