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Financial services resilience event series

To support you and your business during this critical time, our online event series covers the major issues for the financial services sector, the questions you need to be asking and the actions you may need to be taking.

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LIBOR transition in the time of COVID-19

LIBOR turned out to be a disruptor to the central bank remediation of COVID-19 impacts, as much as recent operational and economic challenges have been a disruptor to LIBOR and other regulatory programmes. Here, our LIBOR team are joined by strategic collaboration partners from Eversheds Sutherland and DXC Technology to discuss the LIBOR transition in these challenging times.

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IFRS 9 in a COVID-19 world

COVID-19 has put significant financial stress on many banks and a sound measure of this is the bank’s impairment calculations (IFRS 9). Guest speaker John Mongelard, ICAEW, explores the challenges and looks at industry insights from experts who are actively advising banks on their methodologies.

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A CASS-lens to view COVID-19

The client assets (CASS) regime remains as much of a regulatory priority, aiming to protect customers’ money and investments in the event of a firm’s failure. This timely update includes emerging CASS risks, operational resilience, business continuity, and CASS control and oversight.

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Conduct and culture for investment management

Our speakers share insights and observations into the initial market response to the new Senior Managers and Certification Regime (SMCR) and future considerations. Plus, insights from our primary research on customer perceptions of the investment management sector.

Financial services DB pensions event series

The FCA has repeatedly stated that its concerns about defined benefit (DB) pension transfer advice is a key supervisory priority.

We ran a series of four short events every Wednesday in May to discuss defined benefit (DB) pension advice.

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Regtech – gaining competitive advantage post-COVID 19

Take a closer look at regtech – the opportunity that it presents, the benefits of adoption and the steps you should take prior to implementation to ensure you reap its full benefits.

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Digital disruption

Our experts discuss what digital disruption is, how it is shaping the banking and capital markets industries, and why more often than not large programmes in this space fail. Discover the key considerations for compliance, audit and risk teams in providing oversight and assurance to digital programmes.

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Demystifying AI, blockchain and machine learning

Our analytics specialists host a ‘hands-on’ demonstration of AI, blockchain and machine learning using real-life case studies for audit, risk, and compliance specialists. They discuss the key ethical considerations when using AI and machine learning and what they can mean for your business.

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Financial crime technology: today and tomorrow

Our specialists discuss and demystify technologies used for financial services, and how emerging and new technologies may shape the anti-financial crime operations teams of the future.

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Senior Managers & Certification Regime (SM&CR) event series

The Senior Managers & Certification Regime (SM&CR) has significantly changed how regulated firms operate.


Cyber and financial crime developments

Discover how fraudsters have used COVID-19 as an opportunity to evolve their strategies and target clients and infrastructure for financial gain. Here, the heads of our financial crime and digital forensics groups look at the impact on firms and how you can adopt more effective risk mitigation strategies to reduce negative effects on your business operations.

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How to conduct remote investigations

Most investigations rely on information and evidence gathered from human and digital sources but remote investigations can be a deviation from how firms normally gather this. Discover insights and tips from recent investigations, and how to navigate remote working barriers.

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Cyber, data protection and payments event series

Revisit our webinar series on cyber, data protection and payments, designed to keep your firm safe in the virtual world.


Confronting uncertainty with understanding cost optimisation in a VUCA world

Never has the term 'VUCA' (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) been more appropriate than right now. As financial services institutions struggle to protect margins and refocus growth strategies, it is vitally important to understand, embrace and manage expenditure challenges in preparation for an unpredictable future.

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Financial and operational resilience

During the current epidemic, financial institutions must demonstrate resilience on two fronts, financial and operational. Discover the key threats COVID-19 poses to firms’ financial and operational resiliency, and what firms must do during and post COVID-19 to survive the storm.

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Financial crime resilience event series

Financial crime can affect anyone. Our webinar series covers the threats you're facing. 


Tax update for financial institutions – where to focus

Experts from our UK financial services tax practice provide latest insights on the technical and practical aspects of managing tax residence, preparing for DAC6 and addressing some emerging issues from the March budget.

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