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Investing in technology often provides businesses with competitive advantages. Here, agenda identifies the products and tech trends that are exciting business leaders in 2019.

Better connected 

Among the most anticipated future developments in tech is the arrival of 5G, promising faster downloads and improved capacity across mobile networks.

Enabling more devices to be constantly connected, some suggest it could even replace wifi, as the signal will be strong enough to provide high-speed internet access to all the devices in a home or business.

While progress is being made, there are differing views as to when 5G will be available to consumers. Despite the hype, no one has launched a 5G network yet.

In light of that, it might seem odd that 6G is already being discussed, but teams in China and the Netherlands are working on it, and the developments have the potential to change the internet forever.

Experts anticipate 6G could work with quantum computing to form the framework of a fully connected ‘quantum internet’. While quantum computing itself is still hypothetical, the capability of such technology could improve not just human communication, but machine- to-machine communication.

“Quantum computing will move business, science and government forward in unprecedented ways, by solving problems that are too complex for today’s computational systems,” says Canadian quantum computing company, D-Wave.

In the spotlight

  • As concerns about mental and physical wellbeing become more prevalent, so has the rise in wearable devices, including those monitoring physical reactions to exercise, sleep and stress. TouchPoints aims to disrupt the wearer's usual stress responses by sending out vibrations that slow the heart rate. It relies on a proven bilateral stimulation technique to reduce cortisol levels and help you focus.
  • LG has launched an updated version of the wearable CLOi SuitBot, which supports your waist to reduce stress when lifting and bending. To do this, it enables 50-degree extension and 90-degree exion of your waist, activating when you bend at a 65-degree angle and disengaging when you stand upright. The wearable robot operates for four hours on a single charge, and recharges in just one hour.
  • Samsung’s new Space Monitor features a fully integrated arm stand that clamps to your desk, freeing up space. A discreet cable management system accommodates power and HDMI cords within the arm for a clean desktop. The arm stand can disappear into the back of the monitor’s slim- bezel, allowing it to be easily readjusted to suit the user, or pushed back against a wall when not in use.

Growth accelerators and barriers

Thinking about turnover and operating profit, we asked businesses to rank their top five barriers and accelerators to growth from among 20 categories: 

  • Technology is both the #1 accelerator (37%) and barrier (38%) to growth for UK businesses.
  • Only 55% of businesses believe their leadership team has the ability to either harness or overcome it. Technology is also cited as the top investment area for growth in all businesses at 50%.

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