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Election 2019

The outlook for 2020 is one of economic disruption and market volatility. Whether due to a hard Brexit, socialism or political instability, businesses in the UK are facing continued uncertainty and will need to be able to adapt quickly to address change head on.

As the UK goes to the polls on 12 December, decades old assumptions about how any government will run the economy are no longer relevant.

The result of the General Election will determine whether:

  • we have a government with a stable majority, or a hung parliament and perhaps a second election
  • we have Brexit and if so what sort
  • the state or the private sector is the dominant player in the economy.

It is key that organisations understand the possible outcomes and what they might mean. Although there is a small amount of common ground, such as an intention to increase public spending and raise the minimum wage, the differences between the two major parties are larger than at any point in recent history.

We take a look at the impact of the election on several major areas for business.

Navigating Brexit
Need practical advice on navigating Brexit? Read our guidance

Professional services firms prove their resilience.

While the pandemic has certainly tested professional services firms, they have responded with agility, evolving their services and business models to meet the impacts.

People and skills

Whatever the result, employers can expect further change in the workforce.

What can you expect?


There is clear water between each party’s approach to key tax rates and treatments.

Are you ready for the changes?

Adam Jackson, Head of Political Risk Advisory

“Organisations are focusing on areas where Brexit, the election and attendant uncertainty create change – across supply chains, tax, people and skills and cash and cost management. We are helping them take actions now that build resilience and can prepare them for any election outcome.”

For guidance on how to prepare for any election eventuality, visit our political risk advisory page.

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Need practical advice on navigating Brexit?

Our guidance covers a range of factors that will affect your business and how to address them.

Read our guidance