Developing trust and transparency in local health systems

Peter Saunders Peter Saunders

Moving towards more value-based, outcome-driven healthcare contracts means that having accurate data in NHS trusts is not just a nice have – it’s essential.

Inaccurate NHS hospital data helps no one in local health systems.

Systems need to understand what activity is being delivered by hospitals, the complexities of the patients who are being treated and how much it costs. This creates trust, transparency and helps the development of clinical pathways so that services work together and not against each other. It is a fundamental building block in developing integrated services that meet local population and patient healthcare needs for the future.

Hear from Peter Saunders, head of healthcare assurance, on the need for accurate data activity in local health systems.

Significant challenges remain for the NHS to move towards value-based, outcome-driven contracting. There is an understanding that disputes around the accuracy and recording of hospital data continue to cause tensions between commissioners and providers. This can act as a barrier to more integrated and collaborative contracting.

We will be sharing more insights on NHS contracting at the HFMA Convergence Conference on 5 July and in further reports that will be published later in the year.

Read our latest report, 'Getting the data right first time', which explores consistent issues and lessons from our reviews of coding and contracting income at NHS trusts. The briefing summarises key findings and recommendations for trusts, to ensure their contract baseline is correct.

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