Vibrant Economy

Collaboration – doing right by the public sector

Why the public sector is an integral part in helping to build a vibrant economy.

With vast responsibilities ranging from healing the sick, to defending the country, the public sector is an integral part of helping to build the United Kingdom’s future vibrant economy.

We want to play our part in creating a healthy, safe and equitable society by helping those responsible for public services to make better-informed, longer-term decisions; decisions that drive reform and deliver economic growth and social value. To create places where people and businesses can flourish.

As they stand, public services are not financially sustainable due to finite resources. Centralisation, short-term thinking, institutional silos, the distraction of bureaucracy, inadequate IT systems, self-interested stakeholders and public opinion ‘myths’ create inefficiency and inhibit innovation. The 20th Century model is no longer fit for purpose and we need to work together to change it.

Our work needs to have a collective purpose and do right by the sector; it’s not just about making a profit. We don’t have a magic wand, but as a firm we do have a wide view of the public, private and third sectors.

We’re seeing people willing to challenge the status quo and create new opportunities through innovation and collaboration. We want to work with organisations to help them remove barriers, dispel the myths preventing change, encourage local approaches to public services, and facilitate greater collaboration between public, private and not-for-profit sectors so that services can be delivered a logical and sustainable way.

This short video explains our ambition of helping the public sector to make bold steps to benefit our communities, clients and its stakeholders: