Cloud-based PMS software is transforming hotel sector

The hospitality sector is at a tipping point in adopting cloud-based technology. We look at how far hotel management is being disrupted by the use of new property management systems (PMS).

The digital revolution has transformed the distribution and booking end of the hospitality industry with the inexorable rise of online travel agents and rapid evolution of consumer booking to online and mobile devices. Hotels themselves have been slower to embrace new technology, preferring to stick to tried-and-trusted systems. But this is now changing.

Signs now are that hotels are taking the plunge with a new generation of cloud-based systems, which are populating and disrupting the hotel technology landscape.

With a raft of exciting new tech start-ups helping to catalyse this transition and the legacy hotel technology giants migrating their offering, cloud-based hotel technology is now moving from early adopter to mainstream status, representing an exciting opportunity for both hotels and investors alike. 

Our strategy team has undertaken a comparative study on the uptake of property management systems (PMS) across Western European and US markets, reaching out to software companies, hoteliers and industry associations to inform its paper. It looks at the cloud PMS opportunity for hotels, PMS software and suppliers, hotel technology spend, competitive landscape and uptake in different markets. 

Download the attached 24-page report on ‘Emerging clouds in hotel technology’ to read the full story.