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Celebrating the contribution of AIM to the UK

Philip Secrett Philip Secrett

AIM, the London Stock Exchange’s market for growth companies, celebrates its 25th anniversary. Our report explains why it's the most successful growth market in the world, explains Philip Secrett.

Launched on 19 June 1995, AIM replaced the previous Unlisted Securities Market. It started with just 10 companies and, has now attracted over 3,800 growth businesses. This is, in part, due to its unique regulatory model providing a more-accessible platform for growth companies to raise equity capital. AIM has now established itself as a core part of the funding ecosystem in the UK; supporting growth companies to raise over £115 billion of equity capital.

On its 25th anniversary, we celebrate AIM's contribution to the UK economy and beyond.

Download our full report on the successes and opportunities of AIM >> [ 1782 kb ]

Celebrating AIM contributions to the UK

By providing support to ambitious and growing businesses, AIM has made an extremely valuable contribution to the UK economy. As our analysis shows, this economic contribution is made through the sub-market's role in:

  • supporting growth
  • creating employment
  • fostering innovation
  • driving productivity.

The AIM economic contribution is underpinned through the process and requirements of becoming and remaining a public company. These are processes that create value as they help to build and enable more resilient and sustainable businesses. They are processes that also provide a broad range of investors, both institutional and individual, with confidence and access to growth opportunities.

AIM support is needed more than ever

Over the past 25 years, AIM’s framework has adapted to suit the needs of a changing economy. It has supported business to grow through both times of significant economic buoyancy, as well as periods of recession.

With a new economic shock emerging at the time of writing, AIM’s resilience will be more important than ever. In fact, evidence already suggests that AIM is providing access to much-needed capital and helping companies to shore up balance sheets.

Throughout its 25 years, AIM has recognised the value of ongoing support from government. This report underlines the growth dividend and economic contribution that has resulted.

Download our full report celebrating the Aim 25th anniversary [ 1782 kb ]

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