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Business interruption during COVID-19

Under the current circumstances, many businesses are putting together cases for business interruption insurance or event cancellation policy claims. Ensuring businesses gather the right information to evidence the extent of the impact of COVID-19, compared to the challenges of business-as-usual, is essential to support a valid claim.

If you or your client are party to a relevant insurance policy, our business interruption consulting team can offer early-stage advice on the evidence that would be required to demonstrate loss suffered to the appropriate standard, and assess the quantum of insured loss that may be recovered through a valid claim.

Our forensic accountants have experience working for insurers and policy-holders on both UK and international claims, including complex and high-value cases. Where coverage is accepted, we can highlight points for quick settlement and identify where deeper enquiry is needed to ensure a speedy resolution to the satisfaction of all parties.

To discuss how we can support you through business interruption and event cancellation insurance claims, get in touch with our team.