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Building vibrant places

As local authorities tackle the twin objectives of economic growth and public service reform, an in-depth understanding of the unique characteristics and patterns of need within individual places – and therefore the solutions required – must be at the heart of local public service strategy.  

Whether pulling levers to drive economic growth, unlocking productivity improvements or focusing increasingly scarce resources on local inequalities to meet the needs of citizen, a clear understanding of place and a view of the desired outcomes is key.  

With the developing devolution agenda, the ability of the public sector to break down silos and innovate with local partners has arguably never been stronger. Below are our latest insights on the practices that will act as a catalyst to create a vibrant place where businesses and communities can thrive.

Culture of place

Stories that explore how culture impacts our areas

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Turning up the volume

Strategies for attracting inward investment

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Growing healthy communities

Health and wellbeing index

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The geography of vibrancy: Wales

To shape a vibrant economy, Wales needs places where people and businesses can flourish.

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The geography of vibrancy: Scotland

To shape a vibrant economy, Scotland needs places where people and businesses can flourish.

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Vibrant Economy Index: Building a better economy

Places are complex and have an intrinsic impact on the people and businesses within them.

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Our approach draws on 30 years of working in the public sector and a deep understanding of the wider public service issues. See how we can help

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Where growth happens

The high growth index of places

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