Public sector

Brexit – a public sector perspective

Until the government triggers Article 50 nothing formally changes post-Brexit, the UK retains the full rights and obligations of a member of the EU. Nonetheless we are in a period of market volatility and instability presenting challenges to local government in the delivery of services and other economic development priorities.

The referendum debate highlighted public distrust in business and political institutions and a frustration at the distribution of economic growth in the UK. Public sector leaders must address these challenges as the designers and builders of the post-Brexit public service landscape.

With no precedent for exiting the EU, it is also clear that leaders across the public, private and NFP sectors must collaborate to help shape a vision of the UK as a vibrant place outside the EU.

Assembling relevant data, modeling potential impacts and providing clear evidence to central government and other stakeholders is needed to support future frameworks for public services, major projects and economic development. These future frameworks require a large degree of re-invention in terms of funding, procurement and delivery.  

Our flyer explores potential scenarios over a range of timelines, and an outline diagnostic for assessing potential impacts at an organisational and then broader nationwide level.

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