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Bedfordshire businesses have enjoyed a strong year of growth, continuing to prosper in a robust local economy.

Turnover, profitability and employment are all up. And the top 50 businesses have grown turnover by 12.9%, with 37 out of 50 experiencing an overall increase.

The findings come from Bedfordshire Limited, part of an annual series initiated by Grant Thornton aimed at giving you detailed business analysis, county by county. The analysis provides a yardstick against which the county can assess its economic performance and businesses can benchmark themselves against their peers.

The report is compiled using the most recent publicly available financial statements and the results are derived from the current and previous year's financial performance to allow a comparison between the two years.

New for 2019: Our Focus 50

For 2019, Bedfordshire Limited has focused on the analysis of the county’s top 50 largest companies based on turnover, rather than the top 100 as in previous years. This group comprises four large FTSE 100 businesses, three unquoted private businesses, 42 private limited companies and one charitable organisation. The change to the analysis reflects the increasingly diverse structure of the region’s largest firms to provide an even more informed overview of the health of the local economy.

The report suggests that, despite Brexit dominating the agenda, businesses are drawing on the strong base they have created. However, as the prospect of no deal becomes more likely, will we see continued growth next year?

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