Apprenticeship Levy

Apprenticeship Levy calculator

The Apprenticeship Levy is a significant change to skills development and funding. Employers with an annual pay bill over £3 million are required to pay the Levy at 0.5% each month. Your levy amount, and additional government funds, can then be accessed for training and assessment on approved apprenticeship schemes. Use the Apprenticeship Levy calculator to get a sense of cost and available funds, complete the two input boxes and view the results to start assessing impact.

 (pay bill for all staff operating in the UK, covering all items subject to Class 1 Employer National Insurance Contributions)
 (please provide an estimate percentage of your UK workforce living in England)
 (your overall levy is calculated at 0.5% of your pay bill)
 (every employer is entitled to a £15,000 allowance. Groups and connected companies will only get one allowance of £15,000 to be allocated before the start of the financial year)
 (the amount you are estimated to pay across the year)
 (the Levy that appears in your digital account reflects the percentage of your workforce living in England. If you have 50% of your workforce living in England, only 50% will appear in your digital account)
 (Government provides a 10% top-up on levy funds, based on the amount entering your digital account)
 (total levy funds available to invest in apprentice training and assessment)
Apprenticeships with an average cost of £5,000:
Apprenticeships with an average cost of £24,000:
A blend of a apprenticeships or an average cost of £12,000:
*the calculation is purely indicative. It is based on an assumption of an average of cost for training and assessment per apprenticeship for the duration of their course. The actual number of apprentices required will vary depending on the specific apprenticeship Frameworks or Standards and the actual price you agree for training and assessment with providers.

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