2017 Corporate Governance Review: a question of trust

Simon Lowe Simon Lowe

A comprehensive analysis of the FTSE 350’s annual reports finds that full compliance with the UK Corporate Governance Code is at 66%, the highest level ever.

Despite this achievement, challenges still exist with effective reporting, with areas such as gender diversity, investor engagement and viability statements, showing little improvement.

Trust in key markets underpins a vibrant economy and good reporting is key to building stakeholder confidence. Given the recent government proposals on corporate governance, which included a proposed governance code for private companies, and the FRC’s proposed Code revision, it is now more important than ever for businesses to improve their corporate governance.

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Video: 2017 Corporate Governance Review explained

Simon Lowe, chairman of the Grant Thornton Governance Institute on the highlights from our annual corporate governance review

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Highlights from our annual governance review

Compliance reaches highest levels ever according to 2017 results

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Helping your annual report build stakeholder confidence

Reporting toolkit: guides and best practice for more meaningful governance reporting

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