More than ever, the police and their partners need to do more with less.

To cope with diminishing resources, internal transformations strive to help forces deploy officers more easily. And growing regional collaborations aim to help forces consolidate their strengths and manage demand for services.

The force's role is changing too. There's a debate about whether the police, or other bodies, should serve vulnerable elements of society. And the future structure for police and crime commissioners (PCCs) and panels is uncertain. Despite these challenges, there are many opportunities. By working with us, you'll be able to capitalise on them.

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Work with the leader in the police sector

You'll work with a 500-strong team that understands your sector and its technical accounting issues. We're in an excellent position to provide pragmatic advice that helps you overcome your strategic challenges. Our expertise in governance, collaboration, programme management and financial resilience comes thanks to working in your sector for more than 30 years. We work directly with  18 police forces – representing almost half of the sector – including three of the largest forces in England and Wales. We also work with many more through our conferences, seminars and speaking engagements.

Gain access to exclusive insights and practical solutions

You'll partner with people who know that what works for the wider public sector doesn't necessarily work for the police. So you'll never get generic advice. Instead, you'll receive exclusive insights and practical solutions.

For example, our financial resilience review of clients reveals the financial health of police areas. Our online service also provides socioeconomic data to help you plan your strategies. What’s more, our tax services match the governance structural framework you work in. And you'll have the opportunity to connect with key people through our seminars and speaking engagements.

Appoint experts that are dedicated to your sector

With us, you'll work with people dedicated to the sector. We're always investigating important topics. And you'll receive reports on our insights covering matters including police reform, police and crime panel accountability, and financial resilience. We work with other organisations to generate debate, and run regular events on important sector issues, such as collaborating with other organisations, major change and transformation,  governance, programme management and financial challenges.