The role of the sector is changing. Successful fire prevention programmes mean fire services now have a much broader remit around community support and rescue.

Funding reductions have also forced the sector to find savings and consider consolidating.

What's more, police, ambulance and fire services are increasingly sharing frontline and back-office services. With all these changes, the sector is busy reviewing its equipment and crewing needs. We can help you turn these challenges to your advantage.

Director Robin Baker

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Work with a team that leads the way in the fire sector

You'll work with a team of experts that understands your sector and the accounting issues it faces and draws on a wider team of 500 public sector specialists. With more than 30 years' experience in the sector, we can put our expertise to work in providing you with pragmatic advice and solutions. We serve 20 fire and rescue authorities across the country and audit the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service. Each client relies on our support to help them overcome their strategic challenges. 

Access our knowledge of your sector's challenges

As your partner, we'll bring you the benefit of our unrivalled knowledge of your sector. We recognise that the fire sector has a unique culture and a distinct set of challenges within the public sector. To help tackle these challenges, we've held three UK fire summits which have explored key themes with senior leaders. 

Share our insights into important topics

Our support for your sector goes further. We're always researching topics and will share our insights with you in thought-leadership reports. These reports cover such issues as national progress on delivering governance, considering and managing mergers, and undertaking joint procurement. 

We also produce articles for the trade and national press, work with other organisations to generate debate, speak at national events and run roundtable discussions on issues affecting the sector.