Addressing poor data recording at NHS trusts

Peter Saunders, head of healthcare assurance, shares recommendations for ensuring data capture is right at NHS trusts.

Investment activity holds strong in healthcare

A review of healthcare deals in 2018/19

Tackling late hospital discharges with private help

Our report explores the challenge for how the NHS and private providers can create solutions around intermediate care.

Care homes: Where are we now?

Our Care Homes report determines where the sector is now and understand where it is heading in the future

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UK healthcare is under significant pressure to deliver exceptional care economically. A growing and ageing population with complex illnesses puts pressures on the NHS and social care staffing. And growing financial constraints across the healthcare ecosystem have driven the need for a drastically different approach from both NHS and private providers.

Helping the healthcare industry grow

The NHS and private providers are responding with the use of technology, ‘smart’ healthcare, care pathway redesign and greater collaboration to drive better care and efficiency in its delivery.  

With in-depth knowledge of the sector, supported by our insights tools, our team understand public and private perspectives of delivering care and the challenges facing each sector.

Our work with social care providers, primary and secondary care providers, medical device companies, retail healthcare providers and healthcare distributors means we can advise our clients on key issues facing their industry, help them solve their problems and achieve their goals for growth.

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