Change is one of the only certainties in the insurance industry.

Distribution is evolving, online influence is growing, models are changing and more intermediaries are entering the market. And on top of this, companies are racing to meet the 2016 Solvency II deadline and substantial capital and falling prices are pressurising businesses to provide shareholder returns. Meanwhile, enterprises are seeking to increase their global influence. Growth exists for those who can adapt, and many are doing just that.  

Cut costs not quality

Work with us, and you'll put an expert team on your side. Our Business Consulting team will examine your business and identify ways to save money. From new system ideas to slicker procurement and underwriting services, you'll gain access to innovative approaches that reduce your costs without sacrificing quality.

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Stay ahead of the game

Technology is changing the rules of the game. With many companies moving to multi-distribution models, it pays to optimise your portfolio. We can help you stay ahead through technology. If mergers and acquisitions are on the table, we can give you the competitive edge and ensure everything runs smoothly. You can also draw on our advice on investing your capital to grow and secure your business. 

Keep up to date with compliance

With change in regulations, and increased compliance demands, you face a challenge to stay up to date. With our regulatory team you'll have direct communication for advice on everything from Solvency II to Section 166s, and shaping your systems to comply with the new rules. 

Read more about how we can help in our Insurance Capabilities Brochure (PDF) [ 807 kb ].

Explore opportunities worldwide

Astute businesses are looking to grow their international presence. If yours plans to do the same, it makes sense to talk to us. We’re part of a global network that works on complex international projects every day and are represented in many of the major insurance jurisdictions, including the UK, Bermuda, USA, Shanghai and Singapore. So you'll know we have the experience to tackle the multi-jurisdictional challenges you might face.

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