The financial services industry has been subjected to a period of prolonged turmoil, with the banking and securities sector facing most of the challenges.

Following a surge of regulation, businesses are coming up against increasing expectations and have found themselves under intense scrutiny. In the wake of the Senior Managers Regime and a call from both regulators and consumers for better risk and governance within financial services institutions, accountability for better business decisions is at the fore. 

Consequently, the industry is increasingly dependent on external providers, who can not only guide and reassure businesses through the numerous regulatory and operational challenges they are currently experiencing but who also have the ability to offer a personal and custom-made service.

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Build a long-term relationship with daily access to our experts

Our partner/director-led client teams are specifically tailored to match your particular requirements, whether that means a need for more experienced resourcing, or at analyst level, we can provide it and will ensure you can access our experts. Equipped with robust knowledge transfer skills, our people are empowered to provide you with meaningful and pragmatic advice. We’ll also adapt your team as your needs change and we’ll stay with you for as long you need us. Already over 85% of our clients are more than happy with our services and we constantly strive for improvement, investing in our infrastructure and our 500 strong team.

Get what’s right for your business, not what’s right for ours

You won’t get ready-made products from us. And you won’t get a team that’s set up a certain way because it suits us. Instead, we listen to you, and give you precisely the services and people you need. We’re here to build a long-term relationship, not win a short-term fee. We’ll only suggest something if we think it’ll get you the best possible outcome.

Our key services cover: